Best Alternative for Yeti Tumbler

Best Alternative for Yeti Tumbler


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The Yeti brand is widely regarded as the best tumbler in the market; it is unbeatable in keeping drinks at the right temperature for hours on end.

However, the biggest downside to Yeti tumblers is their price, averaging around $20-$40 per tumbler.

This price is not within everyone’s reach, and some think it is too steep for a tumbler.

The good news is, there is no need to strain your budget to buy a Yeti as plenty of alternative tumblers perform as well as Yeti but at much lower prices.

The numbers of brands that produce alternative tumblers are innumerable.

Still, I have compiled this list of the best alternative Yeti tumbler you can get to make things easier for you.

At a Glance: Yeti Tumbler Alternatives

Best Alternative Yeti Tumblers

The following is my list of the best alternative tumblers you can get instead of spending too much money on the Yeti tumbler.


Beast is the new tumbler that everyone is talking about. They are cheaper than the Yeti and have tons of positive reviews, meaning their performance does not disappoint. 

The tumbler also includes two metal straws with a straw cleaner, not available features with the Yeti.

Beast tumblers also come in different colors so that you can choose the best design for you. 

They are also extremely durable and can deal with any condition. 

On top of all that, the tumbler comes with a lifetime guarantee so that you can get reimbursed in case of any accidents.


  • Double vacuum, stainless steel insulated walls for durability.
  • Foldback snap-shut lids that prevent spills and leaks
  • Come with two straws and a straw cleaner
  • Eco-friendly design


  • It doesn’t have the same temperature retention as the Yeti.

Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail tumbler is almost identical to the Yeti’s appearance and features. 

Their upside is their affordability, as they cost almost a third of what the Yeti costs. They also have a lifetime warranty for whatever problems might arise.

Their ice insulation is incredibly good, keeping ice solid for more than 12 hours, and closely rivals the Yeti. 

They also have a stainless steel construction, making them highly durable and almost indistinguishable from the Yeti. 

This is truly one of the best alternative Yeti tumblers you can get at a much lower price.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Incredible and durable design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great temperature retention


  • The lid isn’t spilled and leak proof
  • Poorer quality 

Simple Modern

This tumbler rivals the Yeti in most ice retention tests. The tumblers come in different designs and colors and boast the best insulation. 

They also have a slender design compatible with most cup holders, a feature that most tumblers don’t have.

Apart from the great features the tumbler has, the company also does charity, donating 10% of the profits to help those in need. 

The tumbler also holds its own durability and ease of use, all at a more affordable price.


  • Compatible with most cup holders
  • Multiple designs and colors
  • The company donates its profits to charity
  • Great ice retention capabilities


  • Limited 90-day warranty

Hydro Flask Cup

I was shocked to discover that the famous insulated water bottle brand Hydro Flask also makes a tumbler. 

The tumbler takes after their great insulation design, keeping its ice cold for longer than most tumblers.

The tumbler also has an attractive tapered design that fits most cup holders. 

It is also lightweight, which makes up for the fact that it has no handle, making it easy to use on the go. 

It also has a lifetime warranty and lots of fun colors for your choosing.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tapered design that fits in cup holders
  • Lightweight construction
  • Incredible ice retention compared to other tumblers


  • More expensive than other tumblers
  • Open spout lid doesn’t prevent leakages


The shape and design of the RTIC tumbler are the most similar to the Yeti but at a lesser price. 

The price doesn’t affect their performance as they work just as well as the Yeti. 

This tumbler is one of the highly rated in the market. The tumbler has a leak-resistant lid and comes in different colors. 

They also have a flip cap that prevents leaks and spills. The downside is that they only come in larger sizes and only have a 90-day warranty.


  • Leak-resistant lid
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Great temperature retention
  • Different color options.


  • Wide base that doesn’t fit most cup holders
  • No smaller sizes

Buying Guide

Before looking at the alternative tumblers, let us first look at what makes a tumbler stand out. 

This guide will help you know what to expect from a tumbler when you are on the lookout for the best one.

Temperature Retention

One of the most essential features of a tumbler is temperature retention. 

Cold drinks should remain cold and hot ones hot. A good tumbler should retain the temperature of the liquid for more than at least 4 hours.

Ease of Use

Since the tumbler is supposed to hold liquids that are not at room temperature, they need a feature that makes them easy to handle without burning or freezing your fingers off while holding. 

You should also look out for tumblers that are stable, are easy to open and close, and have a favorable lid design.


Durability is an important feature in any item you buy, even more so with a tumbler.

Your tumbler should not be one of those that stop working easily or cannot withstand non-ideal conditions. 

It should be able to withstand your commute or outdoor activities without breaking down.


Tumbler prices vary from those that are easily affordable to the expensive ones. 

Do not let the price fool you into thinking the more expensive the tumbler, the better. 

There are plenty of affordable tumblers with the same, or even better, features than some higher-priced ones.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a well-equipped tumbler. 

The Yeti tumbler is the best in the market, but the price is not attainable by all. 

If you are looking for alternatives, these five will give you the best performance and all the best features at only a fraction of the price. 

You can get any of these tumblers today and enjoy!

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