Can You Put Coffee in the Ozark Trail Tumbler?

Can you Put Coffee in the Ozark Trail Tumbler

The Ozark Trail tumbler is one of the best in the business, doing well in almost all facets. So, can you put Coffee in the Ozark Trail tumbler? 

The answer is yes; you can put Coffee in the tumbler and be sure it will stay at the same temperature for up to 5 hours with no problem.

A number of factors work together to make the tumbler able to hold hot Coffee for hours. Let us look at these factors and the features that help the Ozark Trail tumbler deliver high-quality and effective performance.

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Can You Put Coffee in the Ozark Trail Tumbler?

To answer the question, yes, you can put your Coffee in the tumbler. Even better, you can put any hot liquid in a tumbler, which will be kept hot for hours. 

The Ozark Trail tumbler can hold Coffee and other hot drinks for 3-5 hours. This is more than enough time to make my morning commute, and I have a guaranteed hot cup of Coffee when I get to work.

The tumbler comes in two sizes, the 20 and 30-ounce tumblers. These tumblers use double-walled vacuum insulation to keep things at the right temperature. They also have multiple other features that make them one of the best. 

So, how exactly does the tumbler keep Coffee warm? To answer that, let us look at the features that collectively work together to ensure the tumbler is at its peak performance.


The Ozark Trail tumbler is quite efficient in its performance, keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours without fail. What are the features that help the cup achieve this?

Stainless Steel Construction

The tumbler uses high-quality 18/8 stainless steel as its main material. Stainless steel cups are well known for their ability to keep things hot. 

This is a crucial feature that most people who like their Coffee hot will really appreciate. 

Unlike other materials such as glass that cannot hold their temperature, stainless steel tumblers give you the efficiency you want, keeping your Coffee warm or hot depending on your preferences for up to 5 hours. 

This is why many people, myself included, walk around with their tumblers.

Vacuum Insulation

Another feature that helps this tumbler hold its temperature for hours is the double-wall vacuum insulation. 

This insulation ensures that everything stays where it should; it traps all the heat inside the cup, ensuring none of it gets out to the surroundings.

The vacuum layer also ensures that the external conditions do not affect the drink’s temperature inside. 

However, you should be mindful that opening and closing your tumbler frequently exposes it to external temperature, which can affect the drink inside.

The vacuum seal also ensures that your hands are not burned by the hot Coffee inside. 

It also ensures that the temperature of your hands or whatever you place the tumbler next to doesn’t affect the Coffee’s temperature. A neat little feature to have, don’t you agree?

Lid Design

The tumbler has a clear lid that tightly fastens when you close it. This doesn’t only prevent leaks or spills; the lid design also traps the air inside when shut, preventing the Coffee’s warmth from getting outside. 

The lid is also interchangeable, so you can get a more affordable and better-functioning one if you decide.

The downside to using this lid is that it can sometimes form condensation under the lid. 

This mostly happens when you frequently open and close the lid. The trapped gas from the Coffee’s heat cools down and forms beads or droplets of water inside the lid.

The condensation can affect the liquid inside, causing it to cool down. It can also lead to a foul smell from the mixing liquids. You can avoid this even when using the lid.

Make sure you don’t leave your tumbler open for long periods to avoid condensation. You should also avoid opening and closing the tumbler all the time to prevent the heat’s escape. 

Doing this ensures your Coffee remains as hot as you want it, without any external interferences.


I know what you are thinking; how does size affect whether you can put Coffee in the Ozark Trail tumbler? 

Well, the answer is simple. The more liquid you have, the longer your Coffee will stay warm. This is, of course, not always the case, but it works most of the time.

When, for example, you get the larger tumbler, you put more Coffee in it. It is much harder for a large body of water to lose its temperature than it is for a smaller body. 

The same applies to the liquid in the tumbler. The more your Coffee is, the more it keeps its temperature.

That said, even the smaller Ozark tumbler will keep your Coffee hot for five hours. Just remember to pay attention to the external factors when opening the tumbler to preserve its heat.

“Multi-function. It can be used as a coffee mug, beer mug or teacup to meet your different needs, so it is perfect for your indoor or outdoor.”

Is the Ozark Trail Tumbler Microwave Safe?

I have forgotten to finish my Coffee on particularly busy days, which means the five hours might pass before I drink my Coffee.

This got me wondering, can I just microwave my Coffee in the tumbler to warm it up?

The answer is no. the tumbler is not microwave-safe. In fact, not many stainless steel products are microwave safe. 

It would be much safer to microwave your Coffee in a mug and then put it back into the tumbler. Do not microwave your Ozark Trail tumbler. 

The tumbler cannot withstand high heat from the outside, and you could damage the insulation when microwaving it.

This also applies to dishwashing the tumbler. It is not dishwasher safe, and you should stick to washing your tumbler by hand.

The heat from the dishwasher can have the same effect on the tumbler as the microwave does.


To answer our initial question, you can put Coffee in the Ozark Trail tumbler. Even better, your Coffee will stay at the right temperature for up to 5 hours!

Have no worry; get yourself an Ozark Trail tumbler today and enjoy hot Coffee whenever you want!

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