Does a 30 oz. Tumbler Fit in a Cup Holder?

Does a 30 oz. tumbler fit in a cup holder


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Most vehicles have a cup holder, but are they big enough for your tumbler? This is the question that many people are wondering. The answer to this question can be found by knowing what size of cup holders are standard in cars.

When I first started using tumblers, I noticed that some tumblers fit in my cup holders perfectly, while others were too tall or shaped oddly.

In this piece, I will be discussing if a 30 oz tumbler fits in the cup holders of most cars. Stick with me to find out if you can use your tumbler in the car!

30 Oz Tumbler: Does it Fit in the Cup Holder?

Nowadays, there are so many tumbler brands producing different kinds of 30-oz tumblers in various shapes and designs. Most of them are made to fit in a car’s cup holder, but not all do.

Those that fit are often tapered down at the bottom, so they are not too wide for the cup holders. Some 30-oz tumblers have a smaller circumference on top to easily fit in most car cup holders.

However, there are some brands out there whose design doesn’t make them compatible with car cupholders; their diameters will be wider than the cupholders. 

If you are finding that your tumbler is wobbling around in your car because it doesn’t fit properly, then this means that it will not be safe to use while driving.

I have used different types of tumblers in different cars and noticed that the size of a car’s cup holder also determines whether or not a 30-oz tumbler will fit. 

An SUV has larger cup holders than a sedan, so your tumbler will have more chances of fitting in it.

Other cars like Jeep Wranglers often have bigger cup holders, which is why I feel confident using a sleeker and bulkier 30-oz tumbler in it.

What about Office Cup Holders?

Most office cup holders are wider than car ones, so 30-oz tumblers will easily fit in them. 

Since a typical office goes through many paper cups and plastic bottles each day, they usually have bigger cup holders installed for their employees to use while sitting at their desks working on reports or presentations.

However, you still want to make sure you buy a tumbler designed to fit in a cup holder because not all 30-oz tumblers will fit in an office’s cupholders. 

Some are too wide or bulky to use, while others have designs that make it easy for them to fall out of the holders and cause spills.

How to Buy a 30-oz Tumbler that Fits in a Cup Holder

Choose one with a tapered bottom.

Popular brands such as Yeti make tumblers that are designed to fit in standard car cup holders. Their 30-oz tumbler is tapered at the bottom so you can slide it into your car’s cupholders without worrying about spills or wobbling around while driving.

So when buying a 30-oz tumbler that you are going to use in your car or office, make sure to get one with a tapered bottom.

This way, you can be sure that your tumbler will not cause spills or make it difficult for you to reach the drink inside while driving.

Choose a narrower and sleeker design.

If you want something bulkier than these standard 30-oz tumblers but still compatible with car cup holders, then choose one of those models with a narrower, more sleek design. 

You can find these tumblers in many colors and patterns to match your personal style.

Choose designs made for use in cars.

Some brands have tumblers explicitly made for use in cars. These come with a design that will make your tumbler easier to grip while driving and prevent spills from leaking out of the sides when you accidentally hit a bump or turn too quickly.

In my experience, such tumblers are lighter and narrower, perfect for car and office cup holders.

The bottom line is, to make sure your tumbler will be safe for use in the car or office, choose one that’s designed to fit into a standard cup holder. 

Don’t buy models with bulky designs because they won’t fit properly inside cupholders and may cause spills when you turn too quickly or hit a bump.


Can a 30-oz tumbler fit in a cup holder?

Yes, most 30-oz tumblers from reputable brands have tapered bottoms and are designed to fit most car cup holders properly.

Can a 30-oz tumbler be used for hot or cold drinks?

Yes, both types of beverages can be poured into the same type of cups as long as you use them with care and do not place them on their lids while driving. What you need to do is make sure that there are no spills or leaks.

Does a 30-oz tumbler fit in an office cup holder?

Almost all models made for use at the office will fit inside standard-sized cupholders, but you must look out for designs with bulky features because they may fall out of holders and cause spills.

Does a 20-oz tumbler fit in a cup holder?

Yes, most 20-0z tumblers are compact enough to fit inside car and office cup holders without causing spills or making it difficult for you to reach your drink.

Does Yeti 14 oz Rambler fit in the cup holder?

Yes, the Yeti 14 oz Rambler fits in the cupholder, and it is designed to be compatible with car and office cup holders.

Final Thoughts

Most 30-oz tumblers will fit in car and office cup holders, but you need to make sure they are designed for these types of cupholders. 

Pick a narrower design with tapered bottoms so your tumbler will not cause spills or wobble around while driving.

I hope this article has helped guide you to make the best purchase for your needs. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

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