Tervis Stainless Steel Tumbler Review

Tervis Stainless Steel Tumbler Review


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Tumblers are a great way to boost your morning routine, whether you go to the gym, work, or stay at home. They are good at keeping drinks at the right temperature for hours, allowing you to use them whenever you want. 

One such tumbler is the Tervis Stainless Steel tumbler. It is a highly durable, easily portable, and practical tumbler that has helped me feel sane on many a morning. 

This review will show you why I love my Tervis tumbler and maybe even convince you to get one yourself.

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The Tervis company is family-owned and has made drinkware for more than 70 years. 

The company creates reusable tumblers that use plant-based eco-friendly inks to create tumblers. 

The Tervis tumbler is a consumer-safe and environmental tumbler that gives you great results at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • BPA free materials
  • Durable triple insulation
  • Durable 18/8 copper-lined construction
  • Leakproof lid
  • Multiple 3D printed designs
  • Eco-friendly construction

What I Like

My love for the Tervis tumbler comes from its outstanding performance and its incredible features. 

Here are some of the things I like about the tumbler:


Unlike most tumblers, the Tervis tumbler uses triple insulation to keep your drinks at the correct temperature. 

The durable insulation keeps hot drinks for 8 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours. It also reduces condensation making the cup easy to hold.

You have to be careful when using this tumbler for hot liquids. 

The triple insulation ensures no air gets in or out, which means that if you put really hot coffee and drink it before giving it a chance to cool down a little, you run the risk of burning your mouth. Yeah, that’s just how good this cup is.


The Tervis tumbler uses a unique eco-friendly design that was one of the first things to draw me to the cup. 

The paints used on the tumbler are plant-based and environmentally friendly. 

The cup also has a sleek, slender design that lets it fit in standard cup holders, convenient for driving.

The tumbler holds 20 ounces of drink, which is enough to hold my morning coffee, but the main attraction here is the lid.

The cup’s lid is one you can slide close, making it easy for when you are driving. 

The lid is anti-spill and easily slides open or close and keeps your drink inside the cup.

It also has a unique and fun 3-D print design that brings fun to a typically bland cup. 

It makes a great gift for coffee lovers as well. 

The tumbler also features a wider mouth than most other tumblers, making it easy to drink from, especially with hot liquids. 


The tumbler is extremely durable and sustainable. 

That is thanks to its 18/8 stainless steel build. 

You can use your cup for years without it showing any signs of use. 

The stainless steel construction also means the cup can withstand any bumps and falls you throw its way without breaking, making it a worthwhile investment.


The materials used on the cup are also consumer and environmentally friendly. 

The tumbler’s lid uses BPA-free material that does not contain any toxins. 

It is also leak-resistant, so you won’t accidentally spill some on your books or clothes.

It also uses BPA-free powder coating on the surface. 

This gives you a firmer grip on the cup and keeps your hands dry without leaving any watermarks. 

The paint used is also eco-friendly and plant-based, to boot.

Easy to Clean

The tumbler is not dishwasher safe because of the stainless steel material. 

Despite that, it is easy to wash with detergent and water. 

Use a scratch-free sponge to avoid making marks on the paint for better results. 

The lid is also easy to clean and does not contain any crevices that might hide the odor. 

The tumbler’s material does not retain any odors or taste from the previous drink. 

With proper washing, every drink will taste and smell fresh with no pesky aftertaste.

What I Didn’t Like

Lid Design

The tumbler’s lid has an inner rubber tap that can be bothersome when drinking. 

It constantly hits my nose whenever I go to take a sip. 

It can also be a menace to those who wear makeup as it can mess with your makeup while drinking.

The lid is also not completely leakproof. 

It can splash and spill inside your bag unless you set it upright and move very carefully. 

The plastic material inside the lid that is supposed to hold the drinks back might also not shut completely, so you might find leftover drinks from your last sip.


If you open and close the lid regularly while taking a sip, you will find that some condensation will start forming. 

This condensation will affect the temperature and taste of your drink and might even start forming an unpleasant smell.

Paint Fades

With continuous use and washing, I have noticed that the paint on the tumbler is starting to fade. 

This isn’t that big of a deal as there are those with no paint on, but seeing that beautiful paint start to disappear is such a loss.


The tumbler is a little on the heavier side, which can get annoying if you carry it using your hands. 

It also doesn’t fit into the new universal cup holders because of its width, so it isn’t suitable while driving to work. 

It fits okay in the older cup holders as they have more room.


When all is said, the Tervis tumbler is a convenient and affordable tumbler to have around. 

It does have its set of drawbacks, but the good outweighs the bad on this one. 

It does stay true to its temperature retention even on hot days, and it is durable. 

The Tervis tumbler is a decent cup to own, has beautiful patterns and designs, and is quite effective for outdoor activities.

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