What Is a Tumbler Cup?

What Is a Tumbler Cup


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When you’re looking at cups and glasses for your home or office, you’ll be surprised not just by how many types there are but also by the names some of them have.

After all, on any shelf in any store in the country, you’ll find steins, hurricane glasses, champagne flutes, and so many others.

While there are certainly differences between these types of drinkware, one of the most common is the tumbler cup.

But exactly what is a tumbler cup, and what should it be used for? We’ve assembled some of the answers for you in this article.

What Exactly Is a Tumbler?

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A tumbler is officially defined as a beverage container or drinkware with a flat floor and no handles.

It is usually made out of glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

If you go into just about any kitchen in the world, you’ll likely see at least a few tumblers in the cupboards.

Tumblers come in many different sizes and colors, but if you think they’re all plain-looking and dull, think again.

Many tumblers come in bright neon colors, and many even have designs or logos on them.

Tumblers are essentially basic drinkware items that don’t cost a lot of money but can accommodate just about any beverage.

Tumblers have been around since the 17th century, when they were used in feasting customs during the Middle Ages.

They can be short or tall but are always wide and missing both handles and stems.

No one knows why they’re called tumblers, but there are numerous theories.

Some of these theories include:

  • They used to have a convex or even pointed base and kept tumbling over every time you set them down somewhere.
  • They used to have weighted bottoms that allowed them to stand back up by themselves every time they were knocked over.
  • The word for “chalice,” which is what they originally looked like, originated from a Greek word that means “to roll around.”
  • Tumblers are the same size they’ve always been, so the word “tumbler” may refer to the size of the drinkware and not its shape or purpose.
  • The funny thing is, today’s tumblers no longer tumble because they always have a flat bottom, yet people still (and likely always will) call these cups tumblers.

What Are Tumbler Cups Used for Today?

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Today, people use tumbler cups for just about everything.

If you’ve ever purchased a travel mug that comes with a lid and maybe even a straw, it was likely a tumbler.

Today’s tumblers are used for just about any type of beverage.

Tumblers made of stainless steel can often keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for long.

Companies that want to hand out promotional gifts to their customers often give them personalized tumblers.

This is a very practical and very reasonably priced type of drinkware.

If you’re wondering what you can put in a tumbler, the answer is, “just about anything.”

You can put cold beverages in them, such as cocktails, smoothies, iced tea, water, soda, and even wine if you don’t have any wine glasses.

You can also use them for warm drinks, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and any others.

The wide mouth on a tumbler means they are also easy to clean, and they can be insulated or uninsulated.

Many stainless-steel tumblers have double walls that insulate the beverage inside, making these glasses perfect for long road trips.

Tumblers are popular drinkware items for numerous reasons and can be used at home, in the office, and on the road.

They are also suitable for kids because their size makes it easy for children to use them.

Regardless of why they are called tumblers, this is a versatile cup that comes in many different colors and designs, making them a tremendous all-purpose drinking container that you’re certain to love.

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