What Tumbler Keeps Ice Cold the Longest?

What Tumbler Keeps Ice Cold the Longest


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Tumblers are a dime a dozen in the market. They come from multiple brands with numerous cool features, and they all have the same claim, ‘we have the best temperature retention. While that is true for most tumblers, it does not apply to all.

I resolved to find out which tumbler lives up to its claims, and I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of them. Today, I am here to share with you my top picks for the tumblers that keep ice cold the longest. Let’s go.

Hydro Flask Tumbler

Now, this came as a surprise to me while doing my revision. 

While there is not much difference between performances, especially when keeping ice cold, I found that the Hydro Flask tumbler outperforms all the others. 

It kept its ice-cold for more than 24 hours, beating brands like Yeti and RTIC.

The tumbler has a plastic lid that prevents sunlight from getting into the flask. 

With that protection, the drink, or ice, inside the tumbler does not get affected by the sun’s warmth. 

Unlike most tumblers you will see on this list, the Hydro Flask tumbler uses thick honeycomb insulation to regulate the temperatures inside the flask. 

That thick insulation stops the heat from the environment from getting into the flask and melting the ice.

Aside from its amazing performance, the tumbler also has a pleasant slender design that allows you to place it in any cup holder. 

It also comes in many fun colors and is lightweight, allowing you to carry it around without getting fatigued. 

While the tumbler is highly durable and is made with high-quality material, it also has a lifetime warranty in case something goes wrong. 


  • Has the best ice retention; keeps ice for more than 24 hours.
  • High quality and durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • It fits in all cup holders
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The lid is not leakproof
  • More expensive than some tumblers


The reason why the RTIC tumbler is the second-best on my list isn’t only because of its ice retention. 

Its price is one of the most impressive things about this tumbler. 

While it does compete with other tumblers on how long it keeps its ice, it is more affordable, giving you efficiency and cost-effectiveness in one tumbler.

Much like Hydro Flask, the RTIC tumbler can keep its ice-cold for a full 24 hours and even longer, depending on the conditions. 

The tumbler also comes in two sizes, 20 and 30 ounces, that are both made by high-quality products.

The tumbler also has a flip-top and leakproof lid which prevents your drinks from spilling. 

The downside to this tumbler is its design, with the base too wide to fit in most cup holders.


  • Highly affordable prices
  • Various color options
  • Leak-resistant lid
  • Durable
  • Great money value


  • 90-day warranty
  • A wide base doesn’t fit in cup holders
  • Only available in larger sizes


Thermos invented the idea of vacuum insulated tumblers and bottles more than 100 years ago. 

With such history, I was not surprised to learn that their insulated tumbler cups perform way better than their competitors.

The tumblers are smaller in size than most others, but even though the Thermos tumblers can hold ice for more than a full day, given the right conditions. 

This is made possible by their insulated lid that doesn’t let heat in or out, keeping the ice and other drinks at the right temperature for hours.

Their lid is also leakproof, so you will not have to deal with spillages in your bag. 

And that’s not all about the lid; it also has a tea hook that you can use to make hot tea directly in your tumbler!

The Thermos tumbler stays true to its brand by giving us a high-quality tumbler. 

I only wish it came in bigger sizes that would help keep ice for even longer, but all in all, its performance speaks for itself.


  • Superb ice retention
  • Teabag hook for making tea
  • Leakproof lid
  • Incredible design
  • It fits most cup holders


  • Only available in smaller sizes

Yeti Rambler Tumbler

The Yeti Rambler is perhaps one of the biggest and widely known tumblers around. 

It is a highly durable and extremely high-quality tumbler that not only performs better than 90% of other tumblers but is also durable and can last you a lifetime.

This tumbler was not on top of the list because of its prices and because its lid is not leakproof. 

Aside from that, the tumbler can hold your ice for 24 hours and can go up to 2 days! 

It also comes in multiple sizes, from 10 to 30 ounces. 

The tumbler also features the magnetic MagSlider lid that is easy to clean and use. 

The lid helps keep the temperatures in, preventing heat transfer, and it is also splash-proof, but it doesn’t prevent spillages. 

The whole tumbler is also dishwasher safe!


  • Best quality tumbler
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use and clean MagSlider lid
  • 5-year warranty
  • Keeps ice for more than 24 hours


  • Most expensive tumbler
  • Isn’t leakproof

Simple Modern


Although this brand is not as widely known, it is one of the best tumblers for ice retention. 

It can outlast even the Yeti and RTIC tumblers, holding ice for over 24 hours in ideal conditions. 

The tumbler also has two lids, a leakproof flip lid, and a straw lid; both are screw-on lids for easier use.

The Simple Modern tumblers lead in variety, with multiple sizes and many color options. 

They are also reasonably priced, and the company donates a fraction of its profits to helping others. 

It also has a slender design that fits most cup holders.


  • It comes with two lids
  • Almost completely leakproof lids
  • An amazing array of designs and colors
  • 10% of profits are donated to help others
  • It fits most cup holders


  • 90-day warranty


Although most tumblers perform the same, these five are the top five on my list of the tumblers that keep ice cold the longest. 

They are the best performed and will not disappoint you regarding durability and effectiveness.

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