Why is there a Magnet on the Lid of a Yeti Cup?

Why is there a Magnet on the Lid of a Yeti Cup


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One of the Yeti cup features is the MagSlider lid that features a technology known only to Yeti.

This lid has a magnet in it, and today we are here to figure out why there is a magnet on the lid of a Yeti tumbler.

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Why Does the Yeti MagSlider Lid Have a Magnet?


The reason why the Yeti has a magnetic lid is for the user’s convenience. 

The MagSlider lid keeps your hot and cold drinks at the right temperature all through the day without allowing air that can cool the drinks to pass through. 

All this is done while at the same time preventing spilling.

Prevents Spills

You might sometimes need to sip your drink while walking, but you stop yourself short because you might spill the drink on yourself. 

The magnetic lid is here to solve that situation. You can now enjoy your drink on the go without worrying about spilling any on yourself.

Easy Operation

The lid uses real magnets to control the opening and closing of the lid. 

This makes it easy to open the tumbler without fighting with the lid. The lid is also clear to let you see the level of your drink without having to take the lid off. 

The smooth opening and closing of the lid also allow for one-handed operations, so you can sip your drink while doing something else and not fear splashes.

Easy Cleaning

The magnet technology helps make cleaning the lid easier. All you have to do is pop the MagSlider off, rinse with a clean cleaning cloth or paper towel, dry it and return it to the lid.

You can put the MagSlider lid itself into the dishwasher for an easy wash day. 

The MagSlider lid and the magnet can be washed in the dishwasher, shatter-resistant, and won’t break in the machine.

Suppose you want to do a thorough cleaning to remove any residual odors and tastes. 

In that case, you will need to remove the gaskets that secure the lid, wash them separately and dry them before reinstalling. 

This ensures that your drinks don’t have the same taste as the drink that was in the tumbler before.

Care and Maintenance

While the lid is easy to maintain, make sure you do not put the tumbler in the freezer or microwave it. 

This can ruin the magnetism of the lid, and the stainless steel material also does not deal well with extreme temperatures. 

Other than that, the lid and tumbler are super easy to maintain and won’t bring you any trouble.

Yeti Tumbler Features

Before looking at the magnetic lid, let us first focus on some of the Yeti tumbler’s features that, together with the magnetic MagSlider lid, help the cup outperform its competitors.


The Yeti tumbler uses double-wall insulation to keep its drinks at the right temperature. 

This insulation helps trap the steam or cold from the beverage inside, preventing it from getting out of the cup and causing the drinks to cool.

The insulation also protects the liquids inside from outside conditions such as humidity and the cold. 

The drinks can maintain their temperatures for hours because the vacuum insulation keeps the optimum conditions inside the cup.


The cup is made using 18/8 stainless steel. This material can withstand anything that comes it’s way. 

I am a clumsy person and have dropped my tumbler several times, but it does not show any signs of damage. 

The stainless steel construction ensures that the tumbler lasts for a long time. 

You can use your tumbler for more than ten years without it breaking down or showing any signs of wear. 

The tumbler also uses a matte and non-corrosive finishing. The finishing protects the cup from water damage. 

It is also rust-free, which helps it endure wet and rainy days without rusting. 

Its longevity is one of the features that makes this tumbler a worthy buy.


Few tumblers can claim the same efficiency as the Yeti Rambler tumbler. 

It is the most efficient tumbler available; it does exactly what it is supposed to do without fail. 

In all the six years I have used my cup, never once has it failed me and given me tepid coffee or melted ice, no matter the external conditions.


The tumbler’s design is slender and can fit any cup holder. I can comfortably place my tumbler on the cup holder while commuting to work and not worry about anything spilling. 

The cup also features a coated finishing that makes it easier to hold. The finishing prevents the cup from sweating, making the cup hard to hold. 

It also allows you to hold the cup with wet hands without worrying about the cup slipping.

It is Dishwasher Safe

The Yeti tumbler is the first cup with a dishwasher setting. 

While there are other cups today that are dishwasher safe, the Yeti will always hold a special place in my heart for finding a way for lazy people like me to clean their tumblers without the hassle of using a cleaning brush.

MagSlider Lid

The piece de résistance of the Yeti cup is the removable MagSlider lid. 

The lid is the only magnetic tumbler lid available. It keeps the tumbler secure and prevents spillages. 


So, why does the Yeti tumbler lid have a magnet? The short answer is for a smooth operation and preventing splashes or spills.

The magnet is also removable for thorough cleaning. Thanks to the magnetic and unique MagSlider lid, you can now enjoy sipping your drink on the go without fearing splashes and spills.

The Yeti Rambler is a popular tumbler that is loved worldwide. That is primarily due to its performance. 

It is well known for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for more than 8 hours, a feat only a few tumblers can claim.

This is all made possible by multiple features on the tumbler. 

One of these features is the MagSlider lid that features a technology known only to Yeti. 

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